Challenge Asphalt | Paving | Santa Barbara, CA

Business Description:
Challenge Asphalt was founded by Dewayne Copus in 1961. He’d leave the house in his pickup truck with his trailer in tow, loaded with a couple of drums of seal coat looking for jobs to do. Dewayne’s dream over 50 years ago has now become our legacy as the leading paving company in Santa Barbara County, as well as one of the top asphalt paving firms in the state. Our crew of 20 is now led by Dewayne’s oldest son, Mike Copus, and grandson, Kurt Copus. Challenge Asphalt is backed by state of the art equipment, a professional and well trained crew, unbeatable customer service and nearly 5 decades of experience.
Areas of Speciality:
Parking lot installation, cold planing projects, commercial petromat overlay, residential driveway installation, residential chip seal, residential petromat overlay or green surface solutions.



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