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Business Description:
DELux LED is a local Santa Barbara family owned LED manufacturer with over 10 years’ experience in the LED lighting industry. By buying direct, our customers are guaranteed the most competitive pricing and highest quality LED products on the market.

DELux LED products come with a five year manufacturer’s warranty and provide local customer support from their warehouse and administrative offices in Goleta.

DELux LED has just launched a revolutionary program that allows residential customers to upgrade their home lighting at no additional out of pocket expense, called P.A.Y.S (Pay As You Save). There is NO CATCH. DELux LED has created a model that takes the money that a consumer would normally be paying to the electric company to now purchase long lasting, efficient, beautiful LEDs. The payments stay the same over the same span of time until the bulbs are paid off, with no interest or sales tax incurred.

Retail stores won’t let consumers pay with their per month utility bill savings, but DELux LED will. They offer hundreds of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from. Enjoy the beauty of LED lighting in each room immediately.
Payment Methods:
We accept Visa, Master Card, Paypal and American Express.




About Us

  • Meet our President & CEO
    Like many children, as a little boy Jason’s dream was to change the world. Unlike most kids, however, he never outgrew that desire. Throughout high school, college, and as a young professional, he just couldn’t shake this dream...

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